Jay & Nick / Nick & Jay

Acoustic Duo

  When Nick Piccininni was 14 or 15 years old, he was a quiet, conservative, shy kid running the bluegrass festival circuit all summer with his banjo. Enter Jason Barady. The opposite of shy, Barady quickly introduced himself to Nick with mandolin in hand. An unlikely pair with their very different backgrounds, they soon found that musically they worked well together. Jay's influences being artists such as Jerry Garcia, David Grisman and Sam Bush, his sound was something very different from what Nick had been exposed to. 


  Over the years the two kept in touch, eventually forming "Floodwood" with two members from the band Moe. and Jason's bass player from a previous band. In Floodwood, Jay & Nick have embraced more and more their musical differences and the two have become a sort of "Ying & Yang".  It is their brother-like competitiveness and sense of humor, mixed with a simple, undying love for music that keeps their showmanship fresh and engaging to their audience.


  As an acoustic duo, the sky is the limit for Nick & Jay. Covering everything including old fiddle tunes, bluegrass, classic rock, country, jazz and artists such as Mumford & Sons, Keith Urban, Michael Jackson, John Denver, Jimmy Cliff, Pure Prairie League and countless others, there is always something for everyone. 


  Whether they're at festivals, bars, restaurants or the porch of an Inn, this duo always brings the dynamics and power of a full band. Always listening to what the other is playing, the same songs take on new life every time. Anyone who has seen these two play can tell you why it works and the reason is simple...


Nick Piccininni & Jason Barady are music fans.

Photos by Suzy Perler