​​Ever since the beginning of recorded music and the radio, couples have  had favorite songs.  We've all had a song or two that we call “our song”.

Music is meant to be personal; whether we’re the one creating it, or a listener playing the same song 1000 times because is strikes a chord in us.

Add a more personal touch to your wedding by having "your song" performed and sung by Nick!


- Ceremonies

- Receptions 

- Dinner Music

- Cocktails
- Parties
- All Events

- Provide Sound Equipment


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"Checklist" is a document used to pinpoint the specific needs of the bride and groom including things such as song selection, when each song is to be performed, are there to be other musicians involved, etc. 

The "Song Ideas" document is simply a list of songs that Nick has been asked to perform at past weddings. Don't be afraid to ask for other genres/artists.

The "Rates" document lists pricing for the most commonly requested services. If you have other needs that require a price quote, please                                 and we will get back to you shortly. 

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